Second Major in Materials Science

Option for students in the College of Arts and Sciences

College students can apply for a second major in Materials Science. This will result in a single degree from the College with two majors (note that this option is only for students in the College, not Engineering students). The requirements are as follows:

  • CHEM 101 General Chemistry for Engineers
  • MSE 201: Thermo-Mechanical Analysis & Properties in Materials Science Lab
  • MSE 202: Materials Lab II
  • MSE 215 Introduction to Nanoscale Functional Materials
  • MSE 220 Structural Materials
  • MSE 221 (or PHYS 240) Quantum Physics of Materials
  • MSE 260 Energetics of Macro/Nanoscale Materials
  • MSE 301: Materials Lab III
  • MSE 330 Soft Materials
  • MSE 360 Structure at the Nanoscale
  • MSE 393 Materials Selection
  • MSE 405/505 Mechanical Properties of Macro/Nanoscale Materials
  • MSE 460 Computational Materials Engineering
  • MSE 440 Phase Transformations

To enroll, students must complete the Application for a Second Major for Non-SEAS Students.

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Dr. Liang Feng
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