• Meet our New Assistant Professor Christopher Madl

Meet our New Assistant Professor Christopher Madl

After beginning his research career in materials chemistry, Christopher has come to exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of research at Penn MSE. He applies a multifaceted strategy, drawing on protein engineering, bioorthogonal chemistries, and stem cell biology, to understand how interactions between cells and their surrounding polymeric meshwork, the extracellular matrix, contribute to the loss of tissue function […]

Meet our New Assistant Professor Yuanwen Jiang

We would like to welcome Yuanwen Jiang, Assistant Professor to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally trained as a chemist, Yuanwen’s research travels far beyond chemistry, covering multiple disciplines, including; materials science, molecular engineering, and biomedical engineering. With his diverse training background, he is particularly excited about transforming […]

Materials Science and Engineering 2022 Student Award Winners

Undergraduate Student Awards The Wolf-Hallac Award: Kelly Chen The Manfred Altman Memorial Award: Da (Linda) Lin Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize: Julian Samek, Erin Siciliano R. M. Brick Award: Arjun Kanthawar, Joshua Feig, Zhiqiao (Kate) Jiang, Shoshana Weintraub Penn Engineering Exceptional Service Award: Michelle Paolicelli Julia Yan George Hollyer William Graham Senior Design Technology Innovation […]

Welcome Back to Campus: A Letter from Department Chair Shu Yang

Dear Friends, After a long year and a half of virtual meetings and classes, we are finally meeting in person. We are very pleased to welcome 13 PhD students, 34 Masters students and 15 freshmen! There have been many other changes taking place in the department. First, I would like to thank Professor Karen Winey […]

Christopher Madl Joins MSE Faculty

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is excited to announce Christopher Madl will join the Department as an Assistant Professor, starting in the fall semester of 2022. Christopher Madl is currently a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence awardee and a Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF) Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Helen Blau at […]

Motivation Monday

Meet Daniel Zhu, member of the MSE sophomore class, who joins us all the way from New Zealand! Since being on campus this fall, Daniel has been learning how tight the MSE community is and loves the connection between students and faculty. He knew his time on campus would be challenging, but he didn’t expect […]

Motivation Monday

Get to know Eli Fastow, second year PhD student from Baltimore, MD. Eli chose MSE for two reasons: it lies at the interface between science and engineering, and its core questions all require an interdisciplinary approach. He enjoys that MSE requires investigating the fundamental physics of material behavior, but ultimately seeks to produce something with […]

Motivation Monday

Get to know Alex Cho, MSE Class of 2025, from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Since coming to campus in August, Alex has already felt at home with the tight-knit family nature of MSE. Alex chose MSE because of its importance in the sport of archery, and is quickly falling in love with the versatility and practicality […]

Motivation Monday

Meet Victoria Xu (Class of 2025) from Los Altos, California. While she admits she chose MSE tentatively because she did related research the summer before her senior year and wanted to go into energy research, she thought she would scope it out this year and get to know Penn before deciding for certain. After arriving […]

Motivation Monday

Get to know Katie Sun, a first year PhD student in MSE, from Marlboro, New Jersey. Katie chose MSE because of the potential in contributing to the sustainability of manufactured materials. Her undergraduate freshman year, Katie went to a talk by Dr. Birnie who spoke of his advancements made in the solar cell field and […]

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