• 2023 MSE Senior Design Showcase

2023 MSE Senior Design Showcase

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Showcase was held on Friday, April 21, 2023, in the Glandt Forum in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology.

The seniors, (Emma Glasser, Kimerly Jackson, Leslie Lytle, Sahana Sundar, Yein Yoon, Son Hoang, Joshua Chen, Kunal Jadeja, Michael Cellucci, Hyunil Kim, Sylvia Chen, Asset Yermekkaliyev, and Justin Wang, participated in three teams (ECO2ncrete, Pouragami, Tooth Fairy) and provided their research projects, including a poster session in front of judges and all attendees.

The event was open to the public and attended by students and faculty members. The showcase featured a variety of research topics, with each team given 20-minute slots to present their work to an audience of their peers, professors, and judges.

In addition to the presentations, there was a poster session where the teams displayed their research findings. Attendees had the opportunity to walk around and engage with the presenters, asking questions and learning more about their projects.

The judging criteria was based on four parameters.

1. Project Overview

2. Communication

3. Design Approach

4. Results and Support

We would like to thank the scientific advisors, Shu Yang, Kyle Vining, Postdoc mentor, Kun-Hao Yu, and the judges, Drs. Pamela Beatrice, William Kane and Jonathan Singer for supporting this event.

Provided is a list of the winning teams.

ECO2ncrete Team members: Emma Glasser, Kimerly Jackson, Leslie Lytle, Sahana Sundar, Yein Yoon

William Graham Technology Innovation Prize: Team Name: ECO2ncrete Team members: Yein Yoon, Kimerly Jackson, Leslie Lytle, Sahana Sundar, Emma Glasser


William Graham Social Impact Prize: Team Name: Pouragami Team members: Son Hoang, Kunal Jadeja, Michael Cellucci, Joshua Chen



William Graham Judges’ Choice Prize: Team Name: Tooth Fairy Team members: Asset Yermekkaliyev, Hyunil Kim, Xiaoni (Sylvia) Chen, Justin Wang