• Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Meet Victoria Xu (Class of 2025) from Los Altos, California. While she admits she chose MSE tentatively because she did related research the summer before her senior year and wanted to go into energy research, she thought she would scope it out this year and get to know Penn before deciding for certain. After arriving on campus and meeting everyone in MSE, she already feels like she hit the jackpot with her major!

Victoria is passionate about finding sustainable solutions for the future. She loves that MSE has many applications in green energy fields, and is excited to pursue them in the future. She’s been surprised to find how close the department is, and wishes she started reaching out to people as early as possible. MSE has felt like such a nice hub for her to get back to while on campus, and she wants to start investing in at as early as possible.

At home, Victoria’s Sunday routine would usually consist of getting coffee at a local cafe called Red Rock and walking around downtown. Until this year, she’s had choir practice every Sunday since first grade! Since being in Philly, she’s spent Sundays sleeping in and getting lunch with the people on her floor, and catching up on homework.