• Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Get to know Isa Pan, MSE Class of 2025. Isa hails from Chantilly, Virginia. Coming from a relatively small high school, Isa is already feeling comfortable with the small, closeknit nature of our department.

Isa chose MSE because it greatly fits her academic interests, and hopes that studying at Penn will help her achieve her goal of developing a biodegradable plastic straw in the future. She thinks the LRSM building and Singh Center are definitely the coolest buildings on campus, and loves the academic versus modern vibes each space provides. She is already excited about introducing the newly opened MatSci makerspace to other people.

On Sundays, Isa is normally hanging out with friends or studying in the library. She’s also trying to go on more trips to Chinatown trip to grab some of her favorite snacks. Isa can’t wait to explore the labs, hang out in the UG lounge and work with MSE professors in the future!