• Meet our New Assistant Professor Christopher Madl
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Meet our New Assistant Professor Christopher Madl

After beginning his research career in materials chemistry, Christopher has come to exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of research at Penn MSE. He applies a multifaceted strategy, drawing on protein engineering, bioorthogonal chemistries, and stem cell biology, to understand how interactions between cells and their surrounding polymeric meshwork, the extracellular matrix, contribute to the loss of tissue function […]

Meet our New Assistant Professor Yuanwen Jiang

We would like to welcome Yuanwen Jiang, Assistant Professor to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally trained as a chemist, Yuanwen’s research travels far beyond chemistry, covering multiple disciplines, including; materials science, molecular engineering, and biomedical engineering. With his diverse training background, he is particularly excited about transforming […]

A Day in the Life: Christopher Murray

“A Day in the Life,” is a new series designed as an informal discussion between faculty and students, as faculty share details about their non-academic life, daily routine, and hobbies in an informal setting. This program was created to establish a stronger relationship between the community of faculty and students, by offering a glimpse into the […]

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