• 13 Questions – Joshua Chen

13 Questions – Joshua Chen


joshua chen

Joshua Chen was born in Palo Alto, California. He’s currently an undergrad in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering,  where he’s very interested in 2D materials, nano devices, and photonics. His plans after undergrad are to go directly into a PhD program in materials science or electrical engineering!

A few fun facts about Josh as we sit down to ask him 13 Questions: He grew up practicing mental math with the abacus, so he can multiply any two two-digit numbers he’s given immediately. He’s extremely good at braiding hair. He’s a dual threat, also majoring in business at Penn. Lastly, he’s bulking, so we’ll go easy on the carbs.  Now onto the questions.

1. Your name?  

My full name is Joshua Chen, and sometimes I go by Josh.

2. What is your favorite color?

I never really had a favorite color. To be completely honest, I never really liked any of the popular ones. I do like beige though.

3. What was the last book that you read, or movie that you saw?

I watched “38 At The Garden” (short movie on Jeremy Lin’s 2012 season with the New York Knicks) on my last flight! It was great.

4. What did the fourth grader Joshua Chen want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a food scientist or an astronaut. I feel like with an MSE degree both might still be possible? 

5. What animal do you most identify with? Why

I’ve been trying to come up with one for a while now and I’m having trouble. I don’t really think about stuff like this.

6. What individual or moment has had the greatest impact on your life? How or why?

I think my mom had the greatest impact on my life. She just provided a great example for me constantly as I was growing up, like how she interacted with others, her values, and how she reacted to difficult situations.

7. Your craft crashes/capsizes and you’re stuck on an island with five personal items of your choice.  

I would bring a bed, an umbrella (in case it rains and for the sun), a personal waiter that can handle the survival side of things, a dog, and a surfboard.

8. If I was a superhero, I’d have the power to…..

I’d like to know everything about how the universe works.

9. In moments of stress, I….

Lay down and take a nap. And then get it done when I wake up.

10. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

 Helping to start a nonprofit during COVID that ended up helping a ton of students around the world!

11. If you were given two options: The gift of $1,000,000, or the opportunity to go back in time to relive your life, knowing what you know now, which option would you take?

I would relive my life. I think there are a lot of things that I did wrong or prioritized incorrectly, such as my friends and close relationships, that I want to approach correctly again.

12. If you were able to have lunch with three people living or dead?

Probably just Jesus. I’d have a lot of questions to ask him.

13. The greatest movie that you ever saw?

I really liked Edge of Tomorrow! Combines a lot of action with sci-fi.


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